Feeling Lucky

If you go thru life feeling lucky….. you are!

This is another way of saying i have worked really hard in my life and have made mostly good decisions.

I have focused on the things that truly matter and avoided the things that would damage my life.

Taking into account all that has happened luck really hasn’t had a lot to do with it….

Give yourself a big THANKYOU

you are lucky by design not by chance.


Balance in your life

Many people ask me the question

“How can i get the balance in my life right”


This is just for you

Balance in life is all about recap.

You have to go over all you do and find areas for improvement and fine tune areas were you are not effective or efficient.

This excersize will enable you to free up valuable time and prioritise your daily routine.

If you need more help just ask.

P.S don’t forget to add me time into the equation.

Involve all the family as their imput is just as important.

Life is a complex subject.

That is why many people who can realise the value of having a life coach enlist my help to give clarity and guidence.

Ready when you are.

Feedback time

If you have been following my blog posts you may have realised that they are there to help you think about how your life is by reflecting on your actions,beliefs and everyday living.

We all live our lives differently.However we all have the ability to live our lives in the best way we can to give ourselves and others a greater experience.

If you can take the time I would be very interested to hear your feedback to me on my blog posts

so far.


Outside is a reflection of the inside.

Every day try and start with a general clean.Hygene is very very important for wellbeing and confidence and feeling clean is a booster for energy.

Water on you face in the morning can make you feel revitalised.

Get into the habit of having a daily morning freshen up and the start of your day should be a whole lot better.



We all know a time when our heart would sing with joy and our smile was seen by all.

The days when we were so consumed with enjoying life.

This time is usually referred to as CHILDHOOD

So let’s take a moment to remember that time…….whenever we feel life is a drudge…..take time to go back to that very moment and fill your heart with joy and love.

There may be others whos childhood was far from joy.To those i say find your moment in a joyful and happy event.

We all deserve joy happiness and love in our hearts to help us on our journey thru life.

Find your moment and don’t forget

visit as often as you can.

phill lee ( life coach)


This is something that i think can influence your life a great deal and needs to be thought about..Slight changes can make your day…….dare i say it. EXCITING.

We are by core design creatures of habit and thus prefer to have our lives mapped out.It just makes life easier.

What is wrong with this is that we tend to become automated in our life and this can effect our function and mood.

The words that come to mind are.

Getting STUCK in a perpetual routine because we think we have no other option is a common misconception

Staying on the TREADMILL because you don’t know how to get off.

Constant REPETITION of tasks because we think we are organised.

The list goes on.

There is a saying :